The Rodel Fiduciary Application Portal

The Rodel Fiduciary Application Portal login page

Once you are successfully registered on the Rodel Fiduciary App, you will be given access to the trust’s information on any digital device connected to the internet, ( i.e., on your computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone etc.

Please use the same email address and login password that you supplied to Rodel Fiduciary and use on the Rodel Fiduciary App

Note: If you enter your email address or password details wrongly more than 3 times, you will be blocked from access.  If this happens, contact [email protected] during office hours for assistance.

What can I see on the Rodel Fiduciary App?

DASHBOARD: This is the home page of your Trust profile.  From here you can navigate to various other pages with helpful information

MY NEXT APPOINTMENT: To view future appointments, click on “Upcoming Activities”

RECENT UPDATES: To view all updates, click on “Recent Updates”

ROLE PLAYERS: Click here to see all parties involved in your case.  

DETAILS: Click on “Details” to view the details for the Trust.

MY DETAILS: Should your details change, please inform your Portfolio Manager to update your details. This is important as you might not have access to the information if you do not update it.

MY CASE: The contact details of the Case Manager appointed on your trust will reflect here. The Case Manager assists you with all the decisions to identify the needs of the injured person. The Case Manager will contact Rodel Fiduciary and will make a recommendation towards payment of those needs.

DOCUMENTS: Here you can view or download various important documents, e.g., the Letter of Authority issued by the Master of the High Court, the Deed of Trust, ID documents etc.

MY MEDICAL RECORDS: Medical treatment notes made by the treating professional are visible here

TREATING PROFESSIONALS. The names and contact details of the doctors or therapists who have access to the medical information on your trust, are listed here.

NOTES: Here you will find all recent contact requests, trust administration notes and/or payments pertaining to your case.

DOCUMENTS: Here you will find all the documents relevant to the registration of the trust.

ACTIVITIES & APPOINTMENTS. All upcoming appointments will appear here. These will only reflect if your medical professional or case manager has captured it on the app. You may request them to update this calendar regularly as it creates a timeline for the patient’s treatment history, and it will have valuable information when preparing to attend the appointment.

TRUST:  The details of the registered trust will be visible here. You will also find the contact details of the legal Portfolio Manager (PM) who will be responsible for the administration of your trust. The PM liaises with your case manager and will present any payment requests to the trustees. The PM will also be responsible for complying with all legal requirements.

INVESTMENTS (Accounts):  Monthly updates of all funds on investment is listed here. You will also be able to view the investment statements and bank account in “Documents”.

CONTACT: If you need either the Case Manager or the Portfolio manager to contact you, select the “Contact Me” tab in the blue menu column to request them to do so.