Our services

Trust Administration

Independent Trust Administration services by experienced trust managers.


Case Management

Medical Case Management which includes a case manager who monitors the needs of the patient.


Financial and Asset Management

Independent Asset & Financial Management based on the actuarial projections of the patient’s needs, life expectancy and prevailing economic conditions.



Who We Are

Rodel Fiduciary specializes in disability trusts. At the core of our fiduciary duty is our responsibility to manage the trust in compliance with best practice, preserve the future of the beneficiary through bespoke independent financial management, and most importantly to care for the beneficiary through a specialized, integrated medicolegal management system.

Our services are unique in that:

  • TRUST ADMINISTRATION. This service is rendered in compliance with best-practice-rules and prescripts of the Master of the High Court. Unlike our competitors that focus only on the basic administrative and regulatory requirements of trust administration, our trust administrators are trained to render specialized services in respect of beneficiaries afflicted, inter alia, by Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, head injuries and amputations.
  • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. Rodel Fiduciary appoints suitably qualified third-party service providers to perform certain financial services in respect of the investment and financial administration of the trust fund. Unlike fellow trust administrators, Rodel Fiduciary ensures that a range of financial service providers are engaged to provide a tailored financial solution based exclusively on the beneficiary’s unique financial needs, and the preceding litigation.
  • CASE MANAGEMENT. We will care for the beneficiary by managing his/her treatment needs with the assistance and advice of a dedicated medical case manager, e.g. Occupational Therapist. Such needs are assessed each year in advance, having regard to all medico-legal reports filed, opinions of treating doctors and therapists as well as interviews with the family and/or the patient/beneficiary.
  • DIGITAL ACCESSIBILITY. The introduction of our digital Application connects all parties, in real time, and brings the practice and constructs of Fiduciary duty into the digital realm. This guarantees transparent communication and full recordkeeping with access to all records by all parties. Similarly, the digital application enables all three functionaries (administration, financial management and case manager) to be fully informed of ongoing developments. This ensures expeditious, high quality services to the beneficiary.