How to Register on the Rodel Fiduciary App

How to register on the Rodel Fiduciary Portal
  1. In your internet browser (e.g., Google, Firefox etc) go to and click on “Don’t have an Account.”

(Do not start by completing your email address first)

2. A window will open requesting you to create a password linked to your email address. Now you may enter the email address you supplied to Rodel Fiduciary.

3. Enter and confirm your password.

4. Click on “Create”

5. Open your email service program (e.g.: Outlook) and wait for your “Welcome email” to arrive.  On receipt, click “ACTIVATE

You are now successfully registered on the Rodel Fiduciary App and will have easy access to information.

To access the information on your trust, open up a new browser window and type: and enter your personal login details (email and pw).

Note: If you enter your email address or password details wrongly more than 3 times, you will be blocked from access. If this happens, contact [email protected] for assistance, but only during office hours.